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The village of Castellar de n’Hug, up until the sixties, lived on survival agriculture and livestock. Our family was no different and lived of having a few animals and ploughing the family land. Also the family had a long tradition of being blacksmiths as for more than two centuries all the ancestors’ heirs to the family had been village blacksmiths and had lived where the country hotel stands today.

In the middle of the twentieth century there was a strong emigration movement towards the cities and life in the villages became even more difficult. But with the arrival of the mythical SEAT 600 also arrived Tourism, a new perspective opened for small villages such as Castellar de n’Hug.

With the arrival of visitors to the village new demands grew and entrepreneurs such as Isidre, blacksmith, and Cecilia, housewife and excellent cook, found themselves offering lunches and renting some rooms. And this is how, more than forty years ago, “Hostal La Muntanya” country hotel was born.

Currently, Sisqueta (daughter of Isidre and Cecilia) runs the hostel, with the help of his son Ferran and his partner, and the joy of his grandson Jaume.

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