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The activities one can do in the village depend on the time of the year.

The typical sightseeing excursions one can do all year round are visiting the village and the excursion to the Llobregat springs (source of the Llobregat river).

Other excursions from the village are those based on cultural and religious characteristics, as for example the visit of two Romanesque churches: Sant Joan de Cornudell and Sant Vicenç de Rus and also the visit of the Santuary of Mongrony (in the summer one can do it walking and it is very interesting excursion).

Culture visits:

Museu del Pastor (the Museum of the Sheppard): in the old part of the village, it is a small museum which shows how important this trade was and still is in the area.

Museu del Ciment (the Museum of Cement): some kilometres away from the village but within its municipality, this museum is part of the Museu de la Ciència i la Tècnica (Science and Technical Museum) of Terrasa. It is a very interesting museum, and one can take a tour with the train of cement and visit the Artigas (Gaudi) gardens as well as the village of La Pobla de Lillet.


The main event of the village as well as the most well known is the International Competition of Catalan Sheepdogs which takes place in Castellar de n’Hug’s castle’s meadow, the last Sunday in August.

Seasonal events:

Autumn: to come to Castellar de n’Hug to look for wild mushrooms.

Winter: snow activities. La Molina ski resort is twenty minutes from the village, with good access as well as special discounts if you are staying in Castellar de n’Hug.

Summer: excursions and any kind of mountain activities, without having to endure extremely hot temperatures.

Spring: very similar to summer but being able to enjoy the bright colours of nature as the landscape awakes from winter. It is without doubt the best time to visit the Llobregat river springs.

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